Environment and sustainability

Suter Inox AG is a responsible company. Sustainability, environmental protection, occupational health and safety are therefore integral and essential elements of our corporate strategy which is based on long-term value enhancement. As a result, with the selection of a Suter product, our customers opt for long-lasting quality and ecologically responsible manufacturing practices.

We are committed to sustainable climate protection. By voluntarily participating in the programme of the Energy Agency for Industry, we are committing ourselves to actively reducing CO2 emissions and optimising energy efficiency. The target agreement is recognised by the federal government, the canton and partners in business. > more information: Certificate Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector EnAW.

It goes without saying that we are committed to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements. In addition, our goal is to continuously improve our products and processes and accept any new challenge in environmental protection and health and occupational safety.

We instruct and train our staff and foster environmentally compatible practices and a safe and healthy work environment.

Our products are intended to enable the safe and responsible use of resources. In addition, when we design and develop a product we consider its entire lifecycle and ensure that it is safe and long-lasting and that it will conserve resources.

It is our goal to make all processes as compatible as possible with the environment and occupational health and safety in consideration of economic aspects. Therefore, all current and new processes are systematically assessed based on their compatibility with the environment and occupational health and safety in order to minimize any negative impact. Moreover, we are taking steps to prevent serious accidents to ensure a maximum level of safety for both humans and the environment.

We instruct and train our employees extensively in environmental aspects and in matters of occupational health and safety and encourage them to actively contribute to improving environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

We view our suppliers as partners. Therefore, we also consider and support their activities to improve environmental protection and occupational health and safety.