Alfred Suter sen. (born on Jul 25, 1925 and died on Sep 08, 2019) decides to become self-employed and founds the company.


Manufacture of stainless steel milk churns for livestock farmers.


The range of products is extended to include handmade, stainless steel sinks. Production is transferred from Niederrohrdorf to Staretschwil.


Advertising in cross-regional newspapers is launched. The company logo is designed.


The company continues to expand. Alfred Suter sen. celebrates the first exports of Suter stainless steel sinks to neighbouring countries.


The factory in Schinznach-Bad is opened. Production capacity is ratcheted up. Continuous expansion of the product range to include undermount bowls, topmount sinks and counter tops and customized design in stainless steel.


The factory in Schinznach-Bad is being expanded and the production area doubled in size.



The model range Comfort is launched. The success story begins as the Comfort range becomes a best seller.


The company’s expansion is unstoppable. Alfred Suter sen. employs 35 staff and achieves a market share in Switzerland of around 30 percent.


A new advertising presence is launched. Export activities are strengthened.


Ongoing expansion and modernisation of the production facilities. Production capacity is increased.


Presence at the Swissbau trade fair in Basel 1993. Many new products are launched.


Takeover of the Starinox brand. Continuous expansion of global distribution activities.


Acquisition of the former button factory in Schinznach-Bad. A new production plant is built on the 2000 square metre site. Part of the production is transferred to the new building.


The following generation acquires the company from Alfred Suter sen. and renames it Suter Spültischwerk GmbH. From left to right: Eveline Stutz-Suter, Alfred Suter sen., Alfred Suter jun., Marco Suter


Suter Spültischwerk GmbH is renamed Suter Inox AG. The share capital is held entirely by the following generation. The new exhibition rooms in Schinznach-Bad are opened.


Into the future with new ideas and fresh momentum. Marco and Alfred Suter reorganise the company and define a long-term strategy aimed at providing the basis for the future success of the family Enterprise.


Suter Inox AG celebrates its 60th anniversary. At the Swissbau tradeshow in Basel, the family enterprise launches several new and effective design lines for the kitchen food preparation and water centre.


Suter Inox AG continues to invest in the Schinznach-Bad site and builds a new stainless steel manufacturing plant. The groundbreaking ceremony is held on 4 February 2009.


Operations in the new stainless steel manufacturing plant in Schinznach-Bad are starting up on schedule. The new plant has a total floor space of 6,000 m2, it is eco-friendly and equipped with the latest technology - a state-of-the-art building in terms of energy efficiency and conservation of resources.


Participation in the Swissbau tradeshow in Basel. More than 50 product innovations are launched.


Suter Inox AG is the new exclusive importer of BORA cooktop extraction systems for Switzerland and Liechtenstein and launches the partner concept with Merial Vertriebs AG, which provides customer services for all BORA systems.


BORA Classic wins the Häuser Modernisieren magazine’s 2012 innovation award in the kitchen category. The award recognises innovative ideas and products in the building industry.


BORA Basic wins the Häuser Modernisieren magazine’s 2013 innovation award in the kitchen category. Even better: the winners are selected by the readers, i.e. the consumers.


Alfred Suter Sr. founded the company in 1947. Today, 70 years later, the company provides a great variety of products dealing with water supply and drainage in kitchens. Suter Inox AG is one of the leading manufacturers in this sector and contributes to promoting upmarket culture in kitchens with an increasing number of further innovations.


The visitors to Swissbau 2018 are excited about the new trade fair presence of Suter Inox in the trendy industrial loft design and the company’s over 100 new products.


Effective 1 March 2019, Suter Inox will take over a selection of attractive Samsung household appliances. The Samsung products are chock-full of smart ideas, intelligent functions and the latest technologies to make your work in the kitchen easy, fast and convenient.


The Swissbau trade fair appearance 2020 with the modern stand and many exciting innovations inspired the visitors.


At your service, today and tomorrow: In line with these convictions, we have consolidated two of our warehouses into a state-of-the-art logistics building that largely meets today's ecological standards. With its additional storage capacity and its location in the heart of the Mittelland, our Dulliken site will ensure the high availability of our product range in the future.


A new branch with showroom in Zurich West from May 2022 with lots of highlights! From custom-made covers to high-quality sinks, basins and taps to innovative household appliances - everything to touch and try out.


The fascination with stainless steel has held us in its grip for generations. The success story of Suter Inox AG began in 1947 when Alfred Suter Sr. founded the company. Initially, he made stainless steel milk churns for farming operations. In 1952 the factory began to produce stainless steel sinks. With visionary concepts of water centres, later followed by custom-built stainless steel items, the young enterprise established its proficiency in kitchen products. It continues to add innovations and contributes to an increasingly comfortable and sophisticated kitchen culture.

In 1999 the next Suter generation stepped up to the helm. Eveline Stutz-Suter, Alfred Suter and Marco Suter are leading the family business with a passion for innovation and keeping up with the fast-paced changes in customer preferences. They are investing significantly in the manufacturing technology and the company’s ability to compete, as demonstrated by the wide range of successfully launched products and the construction of the new stainless steel manufacturing plant in Schinznach-Bad. Today, Suter Inox AG is a leading provider of stainless steel kitchen products and system solutions for private households.