Separate duct system from BORA

BORA Ecotube and BORA 3box are the new components in the BORA system. To achieve perfection and provide a 100% function guarantee, BORA has developed its own duct system with optimally coordinated products all the way to the wall conduit. A system is available now, which does justice to the high requirements of efficiency, ease of installation and flexibility. You also get additional advantages in ordering and installing, since everything comes from a single source and consequently makes everything easier.

BORA Ecotube Advantages

  • Comprehensive solution
  • Oval cross-section for optimized flow
  • Fire protection class V0 (according to UL94) and building material class B1 (according to DIN 4102-1 classification)
  • 20% less pressure loss
  • Unique sealing concept and easy installation
  • Smooth, highly polished surfaces in the air-conducting areas

BORA 3box (UEBF) Advantages

  • Comprehensive solution
  • Simple, mechanical, non-fault-prone operating mode
  • No additional cable routing required for power supply or sensor system
  • Low pressure resistance
  • Resistance to environmental influences (water tightness under heavy rain, etc.)
  • Drainage of condensation and rainwater
  • 3-fold insulated, lower U-value
  • Insulation between the masonry and the BORA 3box
  • Easy adaptation to different wall thicknesses
  • Easy installation

BORA Ecotube

BORA Ecotube

EFS750, BORA Ecotube shallow duct 750 mm

BORA Ecotube

EF750, BORA Ecotube shallow duct 750 mm

BORA Ecotube

EF47, BORA Ecotube shallow duct 47 mm

BORA Ecotube

EFRG, BORA Ecotube shallow, round, straight transition

BORA Ecotube

EFRV, BORA Ecotube shallow, round, offset transition

BORA Ecotube

EFRV110, BORA Ecotube shallow, round, offset transition

BORA Ecotube

EFR90, BORA Ecotube shallow, round, 90° transition

BORA Ecotube

EFBH90, BORA Ecotube shallow, horizontal 90° bend

BORA Ecotube

EFBV90, BORA Ecotube shallow, vertical 90° bend

BORA Ecotube

ERB90, BORA Ecotube round 90° bend

BORA Ecotube

EFBH15, BORA Ecotube shallow, horizontal 15° bend

BORA Ecotube

EFV, BORA Ecotube shallow duct connection

BORA Ecotube

ERV, BORA Ecotube round duct connection

BORA Ecotube

EFMS, BORA Ecotube shallow mounting bracket set

BORA Ecotube

ERMS, BORA Ecotube round mounting bracket set

BORA Ecotube

ER750, BORA Ecotube round duct

BORA Ecotube

EFD, BORA Ecotube shallow seal

BORA Ecotube

ERD, BORA Ecotube round seal

Air exhaust duct systems

SF-VRO 150 flat duct, 500 mm

SF-VRO 150 flat duct, 1000 mm

SF-VRO 150 support

SF-VRO flex 150 flat duct

SF-UR 150 deflector 90 Grad

SF-RBV 150 pipe bend vertical 90 Grad

SF-RBH 150 pipe bend vertical 90 Grad

SF-VEST 150 offset end piece


SR-VBS 150 pipe connector


SF-VBS 150 pipe connector

SF-RVB 150 pipe connector

SF 150 flat duct mount

SR-R flex 150 round pipe

SR-R 150 round pipe, 500 mm

SR-R 150 round pipe, 1000 mm

SR-RBV 150 pipe bend 90 Grad

SF-EST 150 end piece

Available June 2019

SF-VBS 150 pipe bend connector

SR 150 round duct mount

SF-Klima-E 150 wall conduct


SF-BA 150 adapter

SF profile seal

Alukleb A2

Punched tape

Edelstahl-Aussenjalousie 150 x 300 mm

E-Jal external blind Ø 150

E-Jal flow 150 external blind 290 x 160 mm

Klima-E 150 wall conduct with backpressure shutter

Klima-E flow 150 wall conduct with backpressure shutter

F-RVB pipe connector

RBH 150 pipe bend horizontal 15°

F-RBH 150 pipe bend horizontal 90°

F-RBV 150 pipe bend vertical 90°

F-RBFLEX 2 system 150 pipe bend

F-RBFLEX 1 system 150 pipe bend

F-EST 150 end piece

F-UR 150 deflector 90°

R-RBV flow 150 pipe bend 90°

R-1000 150 round pipe

A-PXO aluminium flexi-hose round

F-VRO 1000 system 150 flat duct

R-VBS 150 round pipe connector

Backpressure shutter 150

N-SKLEMM 152 hose clip

R-SKLEMM round duct mount

F-RSS 150 flat duct bracket