SF-VEST 150 offset end piece

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BORA Ecotube

BORA Ecotube

EFS750, BORA Ecotube shallow duct 750 mm

BORA Ecotube

EF750, BORA Ecotube shallow duct 750 mm

BORA Ecotube

EF47, BORA Ecotube shallow duct 47 mm

BORA Ecotube

EFRG, BORA Ecotube shallow, round, straight transition

BORA Ecotube

EFRV, BORA Ecotube shallow, round, offset transition

BORA Ecotube

EFRV110, BORA Ecotube shallow, round, offset transition

BORA Ecotube

EFR90, BORA Ecotube shallow, round, 90° transition

BORA Ecotube

EFBH90, BORA Ecotube shallow, horizontal 90° bend

BORA Ecotube

EFBV90, BORA Ecotube shallow, vertical 90° bend

BORA Ecotube

ERB90, BORA Ecotube round 90° bend

BORA Ecotube

EFBH15, BORA Ecotube shallow, horizontal 15° bend

BORA Ecotube

EFV, BORA Ecotube shallow duct connection

BORA Ecotube

ERV, BORA Ecotube round duct connection

BORA Ecotube

EFMS, BORA Ecotube shallow mounting bracket set

BORA Ecotube

ERMS, BORA Ecotube round mounting bracket set

BORA Ecotube

ER750, BORA Ecotube round duct

BORA Ecotube

EFD, BORA Ecotube shallow seal

BORA Ecotube

ERD, BORA Ecotube round seal

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SF-VEST 150 offset end piece


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