This is solid 8 mm steel in its original form, processed and refined by hand in our factory in Schinznach-Bad. We manufacture this high-quality surface individually tailored to you, so that it fits perfectly into your dream kitchen. Convince yourself of the quality and appearance and experience the BlackRange surface in the showroom near you.


The soul of steel
The high-quality stainless steel used for BlackRange can be compared to a rough diamond: When the black, still untreated raw steel plates are delivered to our manufactory, you can hardly imagine the complex structures, nuances and highlights that reveal themselves during the fine polishing by hand.


Layer by layer to Passion or Industrial
Each of the solid, 8 mm thick stainless steel panels is finished to become a truly unique piece by hand. Layer by layer, the manual grinding process brings out the individual design of the stainless steel surface. The intensive processing gradually increases the visible silver content, which leads to the differentiation of the two lines BlackRange Passion (higher black content) and BlackRange Industrial (higher silver content).

Made for the kitchen
The surface is water- and dirt-repellent, not sensitive in everyday use and leaves no chance for fingerprints. The nature of the surface allows easy cleaning after each use. The surface retains its unmistakable character for life. Like every stainless steel surface, this one also acquires a unique patina through use and thus tells its very own story over time.


BlackRange Passion

Black is beautiful
Black is not just black. Rather, it is precisely the subtle play with fine light/dark nuances, silver content and differences in structure that make up the fascination of BlackRange Passion. During the handcrafted finishing process, the black raw steel plate reveals its secret and shows what individual patterns, drawings and shades it contains.

Restrained and elegant
BlackRange Passion presents itself elegantly and stylishly with its fine shades of black. Its high-quality and unobtrusive look blends seamlessly into any living and kitchen environment.


BlackRange Industrial

Lively character
Virtuoso play of black and silver. Irregularities, material inclusions as well as colour and structure differences are an integral part of BlackRange Industrial. Each individual cover only reveals its individual personality in the process of manual processing: wild, lively, playful - and always surprising.

Spectacular and rich in contrast
BlackRange Industrial looks exciting and high-quality at the same time due to the spectacular contrast between silver and black. An unmistakable appearance with an eye-catching guarantee for your kitchen.

It's your choice
With BlackRange you can choose your individual surface before processing in our factory in Schinznach-Bad. This way you can ensure that the structure and character of the surface matches your dream kitchen. Arrange your sampling appointment here.

Naturally Swiss Made
Four years of development were necessary from the first idea to the current marketability of the surface. We believe the result is convincing and it reflects all our pride and expertise in the field of stainless steel processing. And the best thing about it: From the idea to the production, everything is Swiss Made with us - and has been since 1947.  

Technical specifications

  • Surface with anti-fingerprint and easy-to-clean properties
  • material thickness: 8 mm
  • Maximum dimensions: 3900 x 1400 mm (oversizes on request)
  • L- and U-brackets in several parts possible with butt or plug connection
  • edge finish: cut or broken
  • Edge design: without or with bevel
  • Installation recommendation: Use a carrier plate. Non-visible edges are made without machining.

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Individual sampling for BlackRange

Our premium surface BlackRange is truly unique in every respect. Due to this uniqueness, we offer the possibility to personally select this surface before processing it in our stainless steel manufacture.


 BlackRange Passion: available batches

BlackRange Passion Charge 424670 and 424197


BlackRange Passion Charge 430834 and 432556


Limited Edition: BlackRange Passion Charge 61.000.148, solid edge 5mm (regular material thickness is 8 mm). 
Available dimensions: 3900 x 1400 x 5 mm.
Limited to a few pieces. Availability on request.

 BlackRange Industrial: available batches

BlackRange Industrial Charge 425049