Customised design in stainless steel.
One-of-a-kind products require no compromise.
In our stainless steel manufacturing plant, we like to test the limits of the creative possibilities this fascinating material offers. According to the guiding principle for our passion nothing is impossible. Not least because we know from past experience that ultimately, our current know-how was acquired thanks to the wide variety of individual customer needs. A wide spectrum of additional features allows us to enhance the performance of your customized stainless steel product.

Cooking zones, cut outs and specialties

In addition to water centres, we integrate hobs, extractor hoods, Teppan Yakis, drip pans, nubbing, retractable power outlets, illumination and much more. Flush-mounted hobs are easier to clean because nothing can get trapped in the seams.

Flush-welded bowls provide a seamless transition between work surface and bowl. Two different options are available for the bevel at the bowl joint. The very delicate Design bevel is particularly attractive.

Cut outs



Shelf boards


Plinth panels