Experimenting with contrasting materials
The freedom to choose your personal design continues with the selection of an edge style. Contrasting materials between substructure and stainless steel workspace inevitably attract attention to the edge. It represents part of the character of a kitchen and is the reason why edges play a key role for the overall impression of a kitchen. This is where the kitchen designer’s ideas and our stainless steel products flow together in harmony. Various options are available.

Edge styles

Pinch-off edge
Pinch-off edges stand out by their understated elegance. They appear to float on the substructure and make the stainless steel work surface look particularly light and delicate. The stainless steel work surface symbolizes high quality by its timeless contemporary look and clear lines.

Solid edge
Edges of solid stainless steel are trendy. They are unparalleled in the way they showcase the magic of stainless steel and its high value. Solid stainless steel makes the work surface especially robust. Even curves and rounded edges are feasible, heralding a new era in kitchen design. Different thicknesses are available (4, 5 and 8 mm).

A-type edge
The wide variety of A-type edges is popular and versatile in use. Choose between standard designs ranging between 12 and 40 mm or an individual facing thickness between 50 and 180 mm. These timeless styles set virtually no boundaries to your creativity.

The frame is made of one piece of stainless steel to avoid annoying seams. It protects the rear wall against soiling and is particularly easy to clean.


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