Stainless steel. The measure of functionality.
Stainless steel is unsurpassed as a material for kitchen design. Its aesthetic elegance is ideally complemented by numerous functional and hygienic advantages. Professional kitchens have always been equipped with this premium material for hygiene reasons. Nowadays, more and more private households are discovering the unbeatable functional qualities of generous stainless steel work areas with built-in cooking and grilling zones, integrated water centres and meeting other individual customer needs to facilitate kitchen tasks and add visual appeal.

Stainless steel material properties

Stainless steel can be perfectly combined with other materials like wood and stone. What is more, stainless steel reflects the colors of the environment and can therefore be perfectly integrated into any surrounding.

Bacteriological examinations have shown that stainless steel comprises unbeatable hygienic advantages over other surfaces (like wood, plastics, stone etc.). Bacteria have no chance of survival on the non-porous surface. Not least for that reason, stainless steel is used whenever utmost cleanliness is required (laBORAtories, gastronomy etc).


Under normal conditions, stainless steel is largely resistant to corrosion, relatively elastic (stretchable more than 50 %) and keeps its elegant appearance for decades. Moreover, the material automatically forms a protective passive layer at the surface which permanently renews itself. Traces of usage give the precious material a beautiful patina over time which does not diminish its value.


Maintenance / care
The maintenance and care of stainless steel is very easy with the right products. All products for the maintenance and care of stainless steel can be easily ordered in our online shop.

Stainless steel can be easily shaped and processed, thus providing many design opportunities. For made-to-measure products from our stainless steel factory, there are no limits to your wishes. We emphasize the possibilities of seamless production in U or I form, with the sink welded in.

Stainless steel is a neutral color and therefore designed for combination with other materials. Depending on the surface condition, stainless steel adapts to the color of its environment.


Unity of materials
The transition between water centre and countertop is seamless and flat ensuring that nothing gets caught.


Stainless steel can be fully recycled without any loss of quality and is therefore a very eco-friendly material.