Each IceDesign is absolutely unique. The surface structure of the hot-rolled stainless steel and the degree of gloss of the chromium-plated surface cannot be standardized. This is why each IceDesign has its very own high-quality look. It is virtually scratch-proof and its insensitivity to scratches confers timeless beauty. It mimics a natural phenomenon.

Created out of ice – breathtaking natural Beauty
Glaciers with their mesmerizing natural beauty, the sense of calmness they radiate, the incredible power they project have always held a very special fascination for people. A glacier forms, defines and changes a landscape and its particular aesthetics are utterly spellbinding.

Suter IceDesign - absolute beauty that will inspire you
For those who seek something out of the ordinary and for those who are fascinated by stunningly beautiful and striking one-of-a-kind stainless steel products for the kitchen living environment. The individually structured and finished surface defines the overall visual impression of the countertop and perfectly encapsulates the magic and the value of stainless steel. Technology, function and quality could not be communicated more attractively.

Suter IceDesign - a stylish eye-catcher
Each IceDesign custom-construction is absolutely unique. The secret of this uniqueness lies in the different reaction of the refined material to various finishing processes. The surface structure of the hot-rolled stainless steel and the degree of gloss of the chromium-plated surface cannot be standardized. This is luckily the case, because each IceDesign created in this way appeals precisely due to its originality of details, its harmony and high degree of quality in the overall visual impression.

Suter IceDesign - a robust concept
The chromium-plated surface makes it especially robust. Its insensitivity to scratches confers timeless beauty to every IceDesign. The simplicity of care and its ruggedness put IceDesign custom constructions in high demand, for example, for dining tables as well as bar and sideboard covers. The contrast between the stainless steel and the undermount materials is particularly attractive and perfectly encapsulates the magic of stainless steel. IceDesign worktops are extremely easy to care.

Suter IceDesign - lend a personal touch to your IceDesign product
The hot-rolled, unevenly structured stainless steel is an important aspect of the overall visual impression and provides every IceDesign product with a unique and high-quality look. You can lend your very own personal touch to your IceDesign: If you wish, you may select the raw material in our stainless steel factory after placing your order.

Suter Original IceDesign - our recipe for your new dream kitchen
A kitchen has many faces, but a dream kitchen is easily recognized by the ingenious IceDesign countertop from Suter Inox AG, the exclusive provider of the original IceDesign. Suter Inox AG is a pioneer and trendsetter in the field of hard-chrome-plated customised products. Years of experience, optimised processes, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, reliable order processing, and consistent quality management are the reasons why our original IceDesign is a cut above the rest.

Edge design

Cut, bevelled edge

Sharpened, bevelled edge

We use solid stainless steel of 8 mm or 5 mm thickness. Two different edge designs are available for all customised IceDesign items.

Bowl installation

Bowl and countertop form a seamless entity and thus provide a space-saving transition without any bothersome joints, which also facilitates cleaning.

Undermount bowl
The bowl is installed below the countertop without any joints. The seamless installation leaves an overall impression of calmness. The opening for the bowl is cut out from the front.

Choose from a variety of model ranges and installation options for your water centre, designed to match the most popular trends in architecture and kitchen design. Each concept stands out by a perfect balance between function and aesthetics. Two different versions are available for the installation of the bowl. The most beautiful option: flush-welded.

Special accessories

Cooktop extractor system

Table fan with panelled cut-out

You have a choice of special accessories: table fans, hobs, etc. can be combined to provide a superior system solution. We offer all kitchen components from one source.

Ice faucets

Dornbracht Tara Ultra, Ice

Dornbracht Pivot, Ice

The cool hue of the galvanic surface of Ice symbolizes elegance and harmony – qualities that lend character and originality to your kitchen. Ice, the high-quality, stylish finish for faucets, perfectly complements the IceDesign countertops and makes an effective statement in any kitchen architecture.

Technical specifications

  • Material thickness: 5 mm / 8 mm
  • Max. Dimensions: ID5: 3980 x 1450 x 5 mm, ID8: 3980 x 1450 x 8 mm
  • Individual surface structure made of hot-rolled stainless steel
  • Shiny hard chrome plated
  • Edge design: cut or ground on the front side
  • Basin welded in with a very fine bevel at the basin transition
  • L- and U- angles depending on the dimensions in one piece possible
  • L- and U-brackets with plug connection possible
  • Best possible heat resistance due to material thickness and hard chrome-plated surface
  • very robust and almost scratch-resistant surface
  • No sink imprints
  • Overdimensions on request
  • Installation recommendation: Use cross member

Hot rolled stainless steel
Small irregularities, colour and structure differences are due to the raw material and are an important part of the overall appearance.