Quva vacuum sealer: keeps food fresh for a longer time
Goodbye food waste: With this innovation you can keep food for longer. The Quva built-in vacuum cleaner can be elegantly integrated into the worktop and keeps almost everything fresh for longer. This exclusive innovation is also suitable for marinating and sous-vide cooking.

Quva vacuum device

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Spare parts and accessories

Accessories for Quva vacuum sealer
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Quva replacement seals, hose replacement, etc.

Quva - better food, less waste


When you don't need it, it's practically invisible: elegantly integrated into the worktop, the Quva built-in vacuum sealer is waiting to be used. For example, to keep raw or cooked food fresh for longer. Or in marinating mode to marinate meat and other products in just 10 minutes. What's more, thanks to Quva you can cook like a chef - because you can now also cook your dishes sous vide. Quva also protects wine in uncorked bottles from oxidation. This way, the noble drop still tastes as freshly tapped days later. This elegant and practical innovation not only makes your everyday life easier, but also makes a decisive contribution against food waste.