Installation methods

Undermount bowls

A very elegant method of installation, whereby the bowl is seamlessly mounted below the worktop. The seamless installation creates a calm overall impression and provides a larger, easy to clean work surface.

Flushmount sinks

With this modern style of installation, sink and work surface become a seamless unit, flowing into each other without any tiresome transition. What is particularly attractive is the material contrast that can be provided by a work surface made from solid wood or stone.

Flatmount sinks

This new installation method is a combination of a nearly flushmount look with a modern touch. Flatmount sinks are installed in the countertop from the top, lying flat, and produce a very sophisticated look. Without any visible silicone seams, the smooth transition of the rim symbolizes understated elegance.

Topmount sinks

The classic method of installation. The bowl is simply dropped into a preprepared aperture in the work surface. For decades, this method of construction was the epitome of kitchen culture. Today, these ‚cult sinks‘ are enjoying a renaissance, thanks to new design ideas and functionalities.