Innovative highlights for your kitchen

The perfect kitchen must include innovative technology to accommodate your daily obligations and a modern lifestyle. The kitchen appliances from Samsung offer solutions that are tailored to meet your needs. An efficient design and excellent functionality leave nothing to be desired. This makes your kitchen more than a place to cook – it turns into a veritable creative zone.


Highlights Samsung Ovens and Compact Units

Dual Door (Dual Cook Flex™) – baking with more flexibility

The flexible Dual Door oven enables you to open only the smaller door in the top baking area to save energy. The two doors provide maximum flexibility. You can open the top door while the dish below continues to bake without disruption.


Attractive combination sales with 5-year warranty

Take advantage of two attractive combination sales offered with a 5-year warranty: The "2xCS40" combination consists of two CS40 combi-steamers, the "2x CS40 + WS40" combination consists of two CS40 combi-steamers and one WS40 warming drawer.



Dual Cook – cooking two different dishes at the same time

With Dual Cook from Samsung, you can conveniently prepare several dishes at the same time without mixing the smells. The upper and the lower zone can be used independently or together and your entire meal will always be ready at the same time.


Dual fan –fast and efficient cooking

Two fans rotating in opposite direction to evenly distribute the heat in the oven and cook your food at the same temperature and heat. Additionally, it is faster and more energy-efficient to reach the desired temperature.


Gourmet Vapour Technology™ - tender and crispy

The Gourmet Vapour technology uses hot steam to ensure that your dish has the right consistency. Meat is crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. Fish is tender on the inside and firm on the outside without drying out. Your cake is soft and moist and has a perfect crust.


Highlights Refrigerators and Freezers

Thrifty and reliable due to a digital inverter compressor

Conventional compressors independently turn on and off to decrease rising temperatures in the refrigerator. The motor runs at its highest and therefore at the loudest level. Digital inverter compressors are different. The refrigerator temperature is kept constant by means of sensors. This will reduce temperature fluctuations, minimise the noise and ensure low energy consumption. Equipment you can rely on, because Samsung offers a 10-year warranty on the digital inverter compressor.


NoFrost+ Technology – the end of de-icing

The times of de-icing your freezer are finally over. With the NoFrost+ technology, the developing moisture is effectively channelled to the outside to prevent ice build-up. The rear wall of all NoFrost+ units is lined and therefore, the unit can be placed closer to the wall to save space.


Cool Select Plus – flexible cooling and freezing compartment

Depending on the time of year, you may use this compartment as a freezer for berries from your garden in the winter or as a refrigerator for party beverages in the summer. The temperature in this compartment can be flexibly adjusted from “cooling” at +2°C to “freezing” at -23°C. This function allows you to store the food at the optimal temperature to keep it fresh longer.

All Around Cooling

The All Around cooling system keeps the temperature even in every corner of your refrigerator. It blows cold air through openings on every shelf level to ensure a constant temperature and to keep the food fresher.


Twin Cooling Plus® System

The units of the Food Center generation are using two separate air flows and precision temperature control to obtain the optimal humidity in the refrigerator and freezer. This Twin Cooling Plus® system keeps your apples fresh, prevents freezer burn on your ice cream and ensures that the ice cubes will not smell like the garlic bread you keep in your refrigerator.


Precise cooling - for maximum temperature accuracy

Preserve the freshness, the taste and the structure of the food. Individual cooling systems in each compartment* ensure consistent cooling in every corner. Advanced insulation reduces any fluctuation, regardless of the outside temperature. The digital inverter technology senses and controls the temperature with precision.

*applies only to the freezer

Knowing what’s in it – wherever you are

Use the screen of the Family Hub to look into your refrigerator without opening it. You can check what’s inside with your smartphone, even while you shop. The View Inside feature allows you to automatically provide every item with a reminder of its expiration date. You may even add items in the refrigerator to your shopping or food list.


Thanks to FlexZone, you can easily switch between refrigerator and freezer at the touch of a button. Store various foods and beverages at the optimum temperature to keep them fresh and tasty for longer. The FlexZone* is an individually controlled compartment. The four preset settings are ideal for storing meat, drinks, fruit and vegetables in a durable way or simply to store a lot of food efficiently.

Highlights Washing Machines and Dryers

QuickDriveTM – full performance in half the time

The patented innovative QuickDriveTM technology from Samsung reduces the washing time by as much as 50%, while saving up to 20% energy without compromising performance! This is accomplished with a rear plate rotating separately from the drum. The multi-dimensional movement of the laundry achieves an excellent result in less time.

AddWash™ - add laundry at any time

Samsung’s current global innovation is sure to play a major role in your home soon. It instantly eliminates the small everyday laundry problems with a separate door through which additional clothes can be loaded at any time. With a capacity of up to 10 kg you’ll always find a little extra space.

Digital Inverter Motor – economical, efficient and made to last

The digital inverter motor from Samsung quickly and efficiently reaches its full capacity to save energy and cost. Due to its intelligent design it runs very quietly. It is exceptionally wear-resistant and long-lasting. And to top it off, it comes with a 10-year warranty.

EcoBubbleTM – cold wash to save energy

The EcoBubbleTM technology from Samsung ensures that the laundry is thoroughly but carefully washed, including delicate clothing, both in cold and hot water. A foam cushion is generated to gently envelop the laundry. The detergent is dissolved even before the washing cycle starts and immediately develops its full strength. This is an energy- and cost-efficient way to wash, even at 15°C, and it achieves the same remarkable results.

Auto Optimal Wash™

The Auto Optimal WashTM technology always guarantees excellent cleaning results. With four sensor technologies it gathers information about your laundry, such as the size of the load, water quantity, required detergent and the degree of soiling. Based on this information, the optimal washing program is automatically selected. You can always look forward to have perfectly clean laundry.

OptimalDry™ System - sensor-regulated temperature

The OptimalDry system uses three sensors to continuously adjust the drying time and achieve the best result. During the drying cycle, the sensor measures the moisture content in the drum and regulates the temperature to optimise the drying process. This provides a constant, superior performance using less energy while preventing damage to the fabric.

Highlights Dishwashers


The innovative WaterWallTM technology from Samsung revolutionizes the art of washing dishes. Instead of a rotating spray arm on the bottom, it features a powerful water-spraying bar that slides back and forth. As a result of the higher pressure it also cleans difficult to access corners and leaves even tough to clean dishes spotless without requiring any time-consuming and water-intensive pre-rinsing.

Zone Booster™

The ZoneBoosterTM program allows you to divide the lower basket into two zones. Different settings for water pressure and temperature thoroughly clean even heavily soiled pots and delicate glasses in one cycle.

Half load

The “half load” program allows you to load and wash only the top or the bottom basket, if necessary. This way you can run a half-full dishwasher with a clear conscience.


Virtual Flame Technology™

The innovative Virtual FlameTM technology makes cooking an intuitive experience and visibly provides more safety. Virtual LED flames, changing their colour and intensity depending on the settings, are projected to the outside of your pots and pans. This way you can always keep an eye on what’s happening – plus it makes for an interesting eye-catcher in your kitchen.

Combined Control, Automatic Connectivity

Save the time and effort required for the separate control of hob and hood. Auto Connectivity wirelessly coordinates the two and indicates the status. In addition, with Auto Connectivity you can control the hood via the one-touch operation on the hob.